Thursday, July 18, 2013

Will my body betray me?

In 2 days, I leave to India.
I am so excited but to be so honest, sometimes I feel my excitement is overshadowed by worrying about my health.

Yesterday, my nieces and I had just come home from being at the mall. I was so fatigued when I came back, I felt I was going to pass out. My 6 year old niece asked me if I wanted to play outside with her. I said "No, the sun makes me tired.". Then my niece said "You're always tired". I almost teared up when she said that because she was right.

One of the symptoms I feel all the time is fatigue. After the simplest tasks, I get so tired. Fatigue, along with other symptoms like sleepless nights, migraines and rare pain is a bit of what I experience.

Many times, I make plans to go out with friends or go to an event and I have to cancel because of how my body feels. It's so unpredictable and it's so frustrating.

I have truly been afraid that my body will betray me while I am in India. If the heat gets to me here in much more in India? I already have problems sleeping in my own will I sleep on the plane or a different country? If I get so weak here form the simplest tasks, how will I be on the go for 3 weeks?

I cry just thinking about it. I have been praying so hard that my health will not hinder the mission. Hmmm...did I just say that? hinder the mission? Whose mission is this? Jesus' mission. What can hinder Jesus? Nothing!

Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I begin thinking of the word of God and the characteristics of God. I become so comforted when thinking about such things that I fall asleep. Last night, I feel asleep remembering the powerful miracles of God; opening the Red Sea, healing lepers, raising the dead. God is so powerful. The Bible says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I prayed last night "God, if you were powerful enough to do that (the miracles) than why am I doubting that You will intervene if my health were to go wrong during the missions trip?

God, help me to trust in you. You are creator of my body and therefore Lord of it. Please protect me and my teammates' health. Lord, that You would take over any health concerns. You are powerful God. We're not going on this trip because it's convenient for us; we go for You. Have grace on us, cover us with protection and give us good health. That You would prevail in this. Keep my eyes on You and help me to keep trusting in you in this aspect. May Your Son be glorified in all. Amen. 

Friends, if you'd like to know about what to pray about for me; this is it- my health. Please pray that I will have good health and good sleep while in India. Thank you.


  1. I will be praying, Arleen! You are blessed, dear sister.

  2. I will be praying, you will be covered in many people's prayer, and the most important of all, Jesus prays for us all the time. You are in our prayers......praying the trip will be a blessing to many and all glory will point people to Him, the One and Only. Love you lots"

  3. God give you the strength and vitality that matches the passion and excitement in your heart. God give you a boldness and confidence that makes the devil squirm as you bring our brothers and sisters in India back to the family. God give you rest in times of rest and steadfastness in times of work. I pray God really shows you love so you can embrace the people you meet with the same love.

    Love you sis. Push yourself when you need to push but take care of yourself to ok? Don't feel guilty about it. That isn't from God. I'll be praying for you Arleen!

  4. Love you Arleen. Praying hard for you, and us. Please let me know, let us know when you need us during the trip and when you need space and rest. God is mighty and his love is everlasting right? I can't wait to see him demonstrate who he says he is while we are in India. Let the adventure begin!