Thursday, January 24, 2013

And the missions trip has begun!

Okay, so I know the title says that the missions trip has begun...but it's a little deceiving because I'm not in Kolkata, India yet! Just read on and you'll find out why the title is what it is...

My Partay

So, for those of you who don't know, this past Saturday (January 19th), I decided to throw a big birthday bash...with a twist! I asked the guests not to bring me any gifts, but instead that they would donate toward my India missions trip which will be happening in the Summer. Since I will be going to India, I decided to make my party with an India theme. So, we had henna, Indian food, and Bollywood dancing.If you're wondering how it went...I think it went so awesome! The best compliment of the night was "You sure know how to throw a party!". This made me feel like the party was fun.

Not only was the bash a good time, but it was also a success! About $1,600 was raised! And this number does not include the online donations! (I'm getting the online numbers tomorrow. So I'll update everyone then). I am beyond surprised and grateful! To be so honest, I thought I was only going to raise about $500. I don't know how this whole missions fundraising thing goes because I've never done it. So, I am blown away by the support that my friends have given to me; financially, spiritually and emotionally.

In addition, I was touched by all the help I received as I pulled this party together. There were a few times when I worried and became anxious about the venue, having enough food or hosting a boring party...but to God be the glory because I truly felt that He put the event together; getting a venue, putting it in people's hearts to make great food, use their talents of rapping, dancing and MC'ing to take part in the event. I couldn't have done it alone, so I thank my friends and family that helped!

Now, let me get to the nitty gritty of this blog...the whole reason why I titled it "And the missions trip has begun!" For those who have me on Facebook, you've probably seen the following already. Anywhozees, this was my favorite part of the party for me: a conversation between me and the Bollywood instructor (that I did not know) that I hired for the party.

Dance instructor: You're going to Kolkata for missions?
Me: Yes.
Instructor: I AM FROM KOLKATA! Do you know where Mother Theresa's home for the sick and dying is?
Me: YES!...
Instructor: I'm from that area.
Me: That's where I'm going...
Instructor: {her eyes welled up with tears} You are not Indian and you are going to my people to help. Thank you. I am proud that you would go to my home and serve my people. 

I believe she was Hindu, but I invited her to stay for the rest of the party. She got to witness that I am going on this trip in the name of Jesus and going to serve in Kolkata for Him and because of His love and Gospel. 

Initially, my ignorance about Bollywood dance made me hesitant about hiring her because the dance company had the name of a Hindu God, which would go against who [Jesus] we were worshipping at the party. But, my Indian friend assured me that her Bollywood dancing wouldn't be religious. I thought if I brought her, I'd be bringing in things that didn't honour God. Yet God brought HER in and instead touched HER heart. I hope she was able to understand the skits (by Drime), dancing (by Kristine and Min-Soo) and the purpose of the party were for Jesus. 


Okay, super quickly, let me tell you about 2 opportunities that have come up for me:

One: I've been made the assistant lead for our India team. I didn't plan on this or apply for it. So, it's an honour to be offered this opportunity.

Two: I was invited to share about my missions trip at a Hispanic Hamilton church (Fraternidad Cristiana). I was afraid I was going to have to sat things like "This is India. It has a population of _____". I am SO not that type of person. I wish I was. But instead, I was encouraged to share about my testimony of not being interested in missions-yet God opened up this opportunity for me to go to India. 

Yay! To God be the glory.

My Prayer: God, Thank you so much for the places you take us and for the people you bring into our lives. Thank you for those who support missions (as I was never one of them!). I pray you may honour them and give to them as they generously and sacrificially give to your work. Last but not least, I pray for the Bollywood instructor; I pray that your Holy Spirit would remind her of the things she heard at the party: that Jesus is the only God and that we live to serve Him because He loves us. Continue to mold me into the likeness of your Son. The latter statement scares me...because I know with it brings pain and suffering- but in the end it brings glory. I love you God. Thank you for letting me know You. Allow me to bring that knowledge of you to others through Your Holy Spirit.


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  1. God only knows how you will be used like your Mom. Perhaps through your testimony at the spanish church another seed will be planted and God will water it... and someday in the future, a young spanish woman with a heart for God will step out of her comfort zone for Him through missions.
    Your party was awesome and I have not stopped sharing about it with others this week. I thought the henna was just a thing I never got to do until now, but it is actually a symbol of what God has done and will do through you and a reminder to share with others about your trip!
    Love you